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Prologue to Connected Open Information at Uncommon Book School

The main thing to think about LOD is that it’s all over the place. Take a gander at the Connected Open Information cloud graph above. These foundations are distributing information that anybody can utilize, and their information references others’ information moreover. Connected Information versus Open Information versus RDF Information First we need to unload the …


Information Access for Exploration and Educating in the Twenty-First Century

Information Access for Exploration and Instructing in the Twenty-First Century On May sixth, Myron Gutmann, Top of the NSF’s Social, Conduct and Financial matters Directorate and Educator in the Division of History at the College of Michigan, talked as a feature of the UVa Advanced Humanities Speaker Arrangement. Mr. Gutmann’s discussion was together supported by …


Researchers’ Lab becomes Lab for Advanced Byzantine Sigillography

FOR Sure fire Delivery: Through the liberality of an unknown giver, the Researchers’ Lab at the College of Virginia Library is pleased to report an adjustment of name and fixation. Successful April first, the Section (which has heretofore upheld work in GIS, qualitatitive and quantitative investigation, and interpretive and text based grant in the humanities …


It is safe to say that you are our new Head of Effort and Counseling?

We’re eager to declare an incredible open position: a workforce level situation at the College of Virginia Library with duty regarding running public administrations in our developing and all around regarded Researchers’ Lab. Head of Effort and Counseling Is it accurate to say that you are an amazing and excited communicator with a solid foundation …


Is it accurate to say that you are our new Web Applications Trained professional?

Is it true that you are an eager Web engineer with an interest in the humanities or social legacy? UVa Library looks for an Internet Applications Expert to help create programming in our universally perceived Researchers’ Lab. The ideal competitor is meticulous, anxious to work cooperatively, and stays associated with the most recent Web and …


Consolidating Advanced Techniques with “Ordinary Strategies”

My thesis project explores the melodic and public activity of current autonomous stone artists of Asian plunge. This examination takes a gander at the music, meetings, and social associations of these performers. How would I do this? Preceding working with UVa’s Researchers Lab, my technique for field research had been member perception: going to shows, …


Building Omeka Shows with Fedora Store Content

Our NEH-financed Neatline project has propelled the Researchers’ Lab to create or upgrade a few new Omeka modules as of late. (See our full rundown.) One of these is FedoraConnector, which is intended to empower chairmen to connect Fedora datastreams (a computerized object – regardless of whether picture, XML like TEI or EAD, or video) …


“Old School Hydro” in the Researchers’ Lab

If it’s not too much trouble, go along with us on November fourth (or search for our web recording) to consider going all in with Old School Hydro: Current and Noteworthy Reviewing On board the NOAA Boat “Thomas Jefferson!” Thursday, November 4 3:00 p.m. Researchers’ Lab Throughout the mid year of 2010, U.Va. History educator …


It’s [A]live!: Presenting The Early American Unfamiliar Help Data set

It is with extraordinary delight, and no modest quantity of anxiety, that I declare the dispatch of the Early American Unfamiliar Help Information base (EAFSD to its companions). While the EAFSD has been planned as an autonomous, optional source distribution, it additionally exists harmoniously with my paper “Insurgency Mongers: Dispatching the U.S. Unfamiliar Assistance, 1775-1825.” …

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